pre-FOSDEM Meetup Thu 2nd Feb at the Mulberry Bush pub from 6pm

Happy new year all.

We will be meeting up on the Thursday before FOSDEM – 2nd February from 6pm at the Mulbery Bush Pub which is near Waterloo station.

It’s a great chance for anyone who is interested in Linux and Open Source to have a few drinks and a chat with some like-minded people in a nice informal atmosphere. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so spread the word and bring people along, especially if you’re in the area to head to FOSDEM.

Hope to see you there.

Directions to the Mulberry Bush

Mulberry Bush
89 Upper Ground, Southbank, London, SE1 9PP

Leave Waterloo via the original main entrance in order to head towards the South Bank.  The main entrance is found by turning left after coming through any of the ticket barriers, and is at the far end of the concourse beyond platform 18, on the right next to the lost luggage.  Head through the glass doors and down the stone steps, if you find yourself on a bridge you’ve gone the wrong way, come back and look on your left for the glass doors.

Once down the steps head to your left, cross some zebra crossings and generally follow what is likely to be the main crowd towards the traffic lights to cross York Road.  The aim is to stroll along Sutton Walk, the pedestrian walkway under the blue lattice bridge, towards the South Bank.  Once under the bridge continue straight towards the Royal Festival Hall and you will shortly reach a T-junction with Belvedere road before you actually get to the hall.

Turn right and walk along that road – this is the home straight, except it’s the longest section of the trip!  I’m afraid this part isn’t much to look at, you’ll pass the National Theatre, IBM and ITV and just when you think you’ve gone wrong, the Mulberry Bush will appear on your right hand side.

The route looks like this

The pub looks like this

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